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What's in Our Collection?

In addition to tens of millions of GPS-linked gravestone records, BillionGraves’ collection includes obituaries, death certificates, US Veterans Burial Records, the US Social Security Death Index, memorials, Russian immigration records, German immigration records, Italian immigration records, Irish Famine immigration records, and more. Thousands of new records are added every month! Check it out!

Exclusive GPS Information for Headstone Locations

BillionGraves is the world's largest GPS-linked cemetery data resource. As gravestone photos are taken with the BillionGraves app, they are automatically tagged with GPS coordinates. The gravestones are then plotted on a map of the cemetery. So if you are looking for your ancestor’s gravestone at a huge cemetery, don’t spend hours hunting, just download the BillionGraves app! Then type in your ancestor's name and follow the map to walk straight to the gravestone. The GPS-marked cemetery maps not only allow families to find their ancestor's gravestones, but they also allow future volunteers to see exactly what has already been photographed and what still remains to be done. And if you are doing family history research, you’ll be able to use the GPS information to see who is buried near your ancestor. Since most of us are buried in family plots this will lead to finding even more relatives!

Volunteer and Help Others Around the World

How can you help? Grab your smartphone, download the BillionGraves app, and head out to your local cemetery to take photos of gravestones. Or transcribe the names and dates from gravestone photos in the comfort of your own home on your computer. As you map out your cemetery and I map out mine, we will all be able to find our ancestors! (Include a button labelled 'Volunteer to Take Photos' and link it to and a button labelled 'Volunteer to Transcribe' and link it to If you have checked out these resources and still have questions about volunteering, or if you would like tips for planning a group event, contact us at